18 Year Old Car Insurance

18 Year Old Car Insurance

65% Achieve a Saving of £196.33 or more*

*Customers who saved with our car insurance comparison service between 1 January and 30 April 2012 achieved a saving of £196.33 or more.

Cheap Car Insurance for 18 Year Old’s

When you turn 18 years old, you think you know everything. Unfortunately this isn’t really the case. Most people that age have little experience with a wide number of things. Among those is driving and 18 year old’s present a certain risk for companies that seek to insure their vehicles. What this means for you is that 18 year old car insurance might cost a little bit more. There are some ways that you can help yourself save money on that cover. Being a smart consumer starts with taking a little bit of action and making the proper decision.

Getting around the problem of youth

If you see youth to be a problem, then perhaps you would want to take action to get around it. Some people do put in the effort to circumvent the system, but this is a really poor idea. How people do this is that they have an older, experienced driver sign for the insurance. They then allow the 18 year old to drive as the primary operator of the vehicle. This is not only wrong, it is also dangerous. The major problem for you as a car owner is that you will face potential liability in the case of a wreck. All too often, the insurance company will refuse to pay out the claim and you will be stuck. A better strategy is to take action in other ways to get cheap car insurance.

Can cheap car insurance be achieved by taking a driving course?

Many wonder whether they can bring down their car insurance quotes by simply taking a driving course to bolster their “resume”, so to speak. The answer is that you won’t completely bring down your insurance quotes, but you can certainly impact the quotes to some extent. Many have found that they can get affordable car insurance quotes once they establish to insurance companies that they know what they’re doing. Taking a course makes a lot of sense if you are a young driver and it is a cost-effective move.

Compare the market wisely

Though there are some very real moves that you can make to bring down your 18 year old car insurance prices, you should still compare the market to find the best deal. The insurance business has transformed itself and many more companies are currently in the mix. What’s more important is the fact that there are some websites where you can get all of the information and quotes from 100 or more insurance companies and brokers. If you combine your own methods of lowering young person insurance and comparing what the market has to offer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t claim a quality deal in the end.


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